Find Out More About Equipment Breakdown

Coverage When You Need It

Are you covered if you have a major equipment breakdown on one of the systems that keeps your home up and running? It's an easy thing to take for granted, until a system like your air conditioning or hot water heater begins acting up and things start to get uncomfortable. Amstate Insurance is here to offer another level of protection for you and your home with equipment breakdown coverage. Many people do not know that a typical homeowners policy does not consider equipment breakdown as a covered loss.

Equipment breakdown coverage is additional policy that offers support for the costs of repairs or replacement associated with the major systems of your home. Equipment Breakdown Insurance offers homeowners a cost-effective way to help protect these valuable systems.

Equipment Breakdown Vs. Warranties

In many cases, warranties on your major equipment systems are not going to be enough to cover the high costs of repair or full replacement values, which is why Amstate Insurance highly recommends this added level of protection. Equipment breakdown coverage covers many types of systems in your home and attached to your property including:

Speak to an Amstate Insurance agent today to discuss your equipment breakdown coverage options and select a policy that fits your needs.

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